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Should I buy a security system even though I live in a safe Olympia neighborhood?

October 30, 2023
Surveillance camera and man using security app in front of house

You appreciate your neighborhood for numerous reasons. It’s family-focused, in a great location with outstanding schools, and boasts a lower crime rate. You’ve probably asked yourself, should I buy a security system even though I live in a safe Olympia neighborhood? The simple reply is yes, and you’ll soon understand why.

Be proactive in keeping your neighborhood safe

It’s forgivable if the lovely, freshly paved streets, welcoming people, and quiet environment give you an inflated feeling of security. But make no mistake, break-ins can and will take place anywhere. Criminals will single out well-to-do communities with the expectation of more substantial rewards. You need to discourage them, and the best way is through a comprehensive security system. You will not only protect your own dwelling, you’ll also help keep the neighborhood you love secure.

Why install a home security system in Olympia?

The real value in home security systems isn’t in stopping an active break-in. It’s preventing it from occurring in the first place. When prospective thieves view your surveillance system, yard sign, and security company emblem in your lower-level window, they’ll likely determine your home isn’t worth the risk.

Modern smart homes in Olympia with 24-hour monitoring will even keep you protected when you're not there. Your skilled representatives will support you when you're gone or whenever you don't hear the alarm or see a mobile warning. If you're on a trip, you can maintain connection to your residence with the helpful mobile app. You can do the following actions from anywhere:

  • View real-time footage from your security cameras
  • Lock entries
  • Shut the garage door
  • Switch on lights to give the impression you’re on site

Today’s home security systems do quite a bit more than deter prowlers. The latest home automation allows you to schedule devices like thermostats and even create specific scenes. To illustrate, you can switch off lights, alter the thermostat, and lock entrances at once as part of your bedtime scene.

Protect against all sorts of risks in Olympia

Residents have to safeguard against all risks, not just intrusions. One of the terrific aspects of advanced smart homes in Olympia is that you may group all your safety alarms into one cohesive system. That way, you and your monitoring representatives will know when your fire alarm, flood sensor, or CO detector triggers. Your professional monitoring team will work quickly to get emergency personnel to your home while you focus on your family.

Stay safe in Olympia with a Vivint smart home

Even if you live in a safe Olympia neighborhood, you still have to defend your property and family against the numerous risks you may face. A Vivint smart home offers a powerful defense while adding convenience through remote accessibility and state-of-the-art automation. Are you ready to start customizing your home’s security? Reach out to Vivint today at (360) 996-1195.