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Upgrade your security system in Olympia

You no longer need to make a compromise between security and convenience. Fortunately, Vivint has brought together an innovative security system in Olympia with home automation to make your property smarter and safer. You benefit from more power over your smart locks, alarms, and cameras, while also managing your lighting and temperature settings within an easy-to-use mobile app.

Of course, the true advantage of Vivint occurs when you incorporate your devices into one system for a smart and accessible home. Receive communications from your motion sensors when they spot unusual activity, and then turn the lights on to scare unwanted guests away. Engage door locks remotely, dim the lights, and change thermostat settings with a single button push when you go to bed. You can even program your home to awaken and greet you when you make your way up the drive. By using a Vivint system in Olympia, you will live more and worry less.


Take charge of your security system in Olympia

Get better protection at night with a security system that is smart and reliable. With indoor and outdoor cameras, window and door sensors, and motion detection, you can be continuously protected against unwelcome visitors. If a surveillance camera or smart sensor detects abnormal actions, an update is immediately delivered to your Vivint smartphone app, Smart Hub, and 24-hour monitoring staff.

Vivint gives you complete authority of your home security system in Olympia. By using the mobile application, you have the ability to turn your alarms on or off from any location, review HD live feeds from your integrated home security surveillance, and give family members customized access to your programmable door locks. Due to the fact that Vivint pairs your Olympia security system with automated functionality, you can automatically activate your home security when leaving for the day and set it to disable when you come back.


Intelligent automation is perfect for your lifestyle

A versatile automation system allows you to customize your house to your family’s needs. With the help of the intelligently designed smartphone application, you enjoy total command over frequently used components like lighting, temperature controls, locking systems, and doorbell cameras. You are able to lower your monthly energy expenses by customizing the temperature and lighting to correspond with your daily routine. Programming your home automation via the Vivint app lets you get your house ready for bed with a single push of a button.

Since your home automation easily incorporates with your home security, you can elevate your protection to new heights. Through pre-set rules, you can adjust your lights, alarms, cameras, and thermostats based on various factors such as family size. Speak with guests by using your connected doorbell camera and your smartphone app. Or simply get alerts from your smart entry locks when your loved ones arrive home.

Benefit from fire protection no matter where you are

Standard fire alarms sound when they detect smoke, but your smart Vivint devices improve your home’s defense by identifying both smoke and heat. In the event of a fire, they produce a loud signal and phone alert, while also contacting Vivint’s 24-hour monitoring professionals. By using smart home safety devices, you know emergency professionals will be coming to help, and you can prioritize getting to safety.

Smart security in Olympia comes with 24/7 monitoring

Time is of the essence when disaster strikes. When a sensor or detector triggers, a live person from Vivint’s team of 24-7 professionals answers the call. After promptly evaluating the circumstances, they will check on you to make sure you are safe and that the appropriate emergency unit responds on your behalf. No Matter if you are looking for a security system for your Olympia rental, or you need a security system for your business in Olympia, Vivint is there for you.

Connect to all of your home’s systems with one intuitive cell phone app

Your home’s automation, security, surveillance, and fire detection should all work in concert. That’s why Vivint incorporates your full spectrum of smart security devices into a single easy-to-use mobile interface. Through the app, you can manage your home from a distance or customize settings in accordance with time of day or when sensors are activated. Have updates sent to you when your sensors identify unusual movement or when they discern heat -- and view your video footage in high-definition.

Since industry advancements will always continue, we made it easy to incorporate new products in the years ahead. After all, why would you want a smart home in Olympia when it’s stuck in 2012?

Discover Olympia Emergency Services Information

Your ability to be safe in Olympia is the upmost priority to us at Vivint. And when you have an emergency, sometimes you need to reach the emergency services directly. Because of that, we want to ensure you know how to get a hold of Police, Fire, and Poison Control in Olympia.
All Emergency Services
Call 911 for:
Police, Fire, &
Ambulance Services
Omaha Police Department - Central Police Headquarters
4316 N 30th St, Omaha, NE 68111
Omaha Fire Department
1516 Jackson St, Omaha, NE 68102
Nebraska Regional Poison Center
988170 Nebraska Medical Center Omaha, NE 68198-8170

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